5-19-2016 Notes: Workflows, Continuing work on

Topics discussed at last night’s meetup: Google Site Links & Google Search Console Arnie wanted to discuss the “Site Links” section of sub-links on Google’s Search Results Pages, and how you’d go about adding them. Andy mentioned that Google automatically will turn them on or off, and will notify you if that happens via the Google… Continue reading 5-19-2016 Notes: Workflows, Continuing work on

Meeting Notes 12-18-2014

To start the meetup, we took a look at the SoakSoak Vulnerability, and the Slider plugin that was to blame for it. We talked about keeping your site up-to-date, knowing what plugins or built-in functions that a theme you’re using has, and some general security suggestions. Sucuri Security is a plugin that we agree is… Continue reading Meeting Notes 12-18-2014

Notes from 5-8-14

The first half-hour of the meeting we discussed some WordCamp Buffalo 2014 ideas. Easy WP_Query’s @AndyStaple showed a very simple, yet handy website that lets you easily get code for WP_Query’s called the WP Query Generator. UB Students building WP Themes Next, @djlicata discussed a neat project his class at UB was working on, which… Continue reading Notes from 5-8-14

Notes from 03-13-14 Meetup

This month we went over the basics of jumping into WordPress Theme development and built a very minimalistic Theme with a few files. Discussions on the positives and negatives of using a Theme “Framework”, or going another route a Starter Theme like Bones, Roots, or Underscores. Andy & Ben build from the ground up, while… Continue reading Notes from 03-13-14 Meetup

5/9/2013 Meetup Notes

This Months Designer/Developers Meetup main discussion was based upon someone new to WordPress, and how they can start to understand themes, and how to go about editing or building their own. Ben Dunkle (@empireoflight) gave a demonstration of installing and editing a theme, as well as started to build his own theme from scratch.

3/14/2013 Designer/Dev Meetup Notes

This week we had Dennis Gaebel (@gryghostvisuals) showcase two projects he has been working on recently. WP Flex – A blank, responsive, WordPress theme boilerplate adhering to best practices and requirements set forth by the official WordPress Codex and theme review guidelines. Also makes a great starter theme for any of your WordPress theming needs. Typeplate… Continue reading 3/14/2013 Designer/Dev Meetup Notes

11/15/2012 Advanced Meetup Notes

Chris Van Patten gave a modified version of his presentation “Developing a Client-Focused Admin Panel” that was originally given at WordCamp Toronto: Developers. Topics include: How to simplify the main dashboard Building a more realistic WYSIWYG editor Adjusting the left-hand menu