Meeting Notes 12-18-2014

To start the meetup, we took a look at the SoakSoak Vulnerability, and the Slider plugin that was to blame for it. We talked about keeping your site up-to-date, knowing what plugins or built-in functions that a theme you’re using has, and some general security suggestions. Sucuri Security is a plugin that we agree is great to keep track of core files and malware.

Dominic showed a really neat website built with WordPress to the group, All Grain. It has some impressive features and even if you aren’t a homebrewer, you’ll still enjoy the work that went into building it. You can see the developers information and a link to the slides from a presentation on his website; Gabriel Nagmay.

Andy gave a brief demonstration of his workflow with Sass and Gulp.js and some of the functionality. We will be having a more in-depth discussion and full installation of using these two together at the next Designer/Developer meetup in 4 weeks.