5-19-2016 Notes: Workflows, Continuing work on

Topics discussed at last night’s meetup:

Google Site Links & Google Search Console

Arnie wanted to discuss the “Site Links” section of sub-links on Google’s Search Results Pages, and how you’d go about adding them. Andy mentioned that Google automatically will turn them on or off, and will notify you if that happens via the Google Search Console (formerly named Google Webmaster Tools). It is likely an algorithm that decides when a site gets Site links for a specific search term. Google will guess what links should go in the Site Links section, but you can remove some links if they’re not prominent pages (or turn it off completely – which we can’t think of a reason to do).

screenshot of google site links for the term chevrolet
You can see the links below the top organic link. (Build & Price, Trucks, Locate a Dealer, Silverado)

Build Processes for Front-End

We discussed tooling, workflows and our automation processes briefly. Arnie mentioned a newer option called Webpack which calls itself a ‘module bundler’. We also talked about Gulp and Grunt, which are in the same ballpark. Arnie also brought up the question of how other members who are developers show in-progress versions of their websites. Andy and Ron both use development URLs. Ron also discussed Cloud9 which he uses as a Cloud IDE so he can work on his projects with any computer that is connected to the internet.

Live WordPress Build

Andy continued coding the new Rooducts website with input from the group. We added a gallery to the homepage for featured customer vehicles and made some CSS changes and responsive adjustments for different screen sizes. Andy will add the sites theme files to Github soon.