Notes from 5-8-14

The first half-hour of the meeting we discussed some WordCamp Buffalo 2014 ideas.

Easy WP_Query’s

@AndyStaple showed a very simple, yet handy website that lets you easily get code for WP_Query’s called the WP Query Generator.

UB Students building WP Themes

Next, @djlicata discussed a neat project his class at UB was working on, which in short was teams of 6 students building websites for non-profit companies in the area. One of the final steps was making these designs into WordPress themes and overall it was a success despite some common stumbling points that many hit when first building custom WordPress themes.

What Theme File?

Scott demonstrated this is a neat little snippet of code to show what theme template file is loading for the page you’re on.

This show what template page was used.
add_action('wp_head', 'show_template');
function show_template() {
global $template;

Page-Preview Plugin

@empireoflight demonstrated his nifty little plugin built to display small previews of posts/pages in WordPress via Shortcodes. Check it out on Github: Page-Preview.