Notes from 03-27-14 Meetup

At this month’s User/Blogger Meetup we had an in-depth talk about Images and WordPress. Hitting on many of the aspects of images and how WordPress handles them.

First, we demonstrated the typical flow to upload images and add them to your post or page. Showing the different linking abilities with the direct link to file, or the link to the attachment page which embeds the image within the “container” of your websites design. We looked at how to change your image size choices (Settings → Media), and that if you change these they don’t affect previously uploaded images, without using a plugin—Regenerate Thumbnails by Viper007Bond is a great choice and I use this myself. It hasn’t been updated recently but works fine in all my use-cases.

We also took a look at the built-in Photo Editing features, and most everyone was frustrated with the bad User Interface of much of these functions. The Cropping, Ratio Functions, and having to Save, then Update can be confusing for even advanced users and a huge pain point for the normal user.