Author: bendunkle

  • Meeting notes 3-7-19

    Helped with signup link and menu management. Helped with WooCommerce theme. Added custom css to the Buy Now button on certain pages, also to move the image labels. Discussed WPBakery page builder technology. can see if a photo is in used on the web Discussed starting a business with writing/blogging. Google extension: keywords everywhere…

  • Meetup Notes

    Ron wants to only show certain content to certain roles. We found this link: Also, Andy mentioned the Members plugin  

  • 3-3-16 meetup

    10 attended Intros Andy showed us how to use Slack We talked some #wcbuf We looked at Joyce’s site, (TrailChaiser2020) and explained how to add/remove widgets, use the customizer, and generally how to customize a hosted site. We looked for a theme that could handle Anne’s requirements for her site. We looked at Chuck’s…

  • Meeting notes 2/4/16

  • 1-7-16 notes : Backups, images, and other stuff

    Talked about backup plugins. Good list here: Images Media files: 4.4 uses responsive images Imsanity EWWW Image Optimizer Ron had a problem that seems to  be addressed here: SEO Yoast      

  • 12.17.15 notes

    7 in attendance. housekeeping: WP moving toward javascript. briefly talked about new venue. Andy talked about flexbox. You can learn a lot at and We demo’d  on max mega menu and uber menu are good menu options for complex menus

  • Meeting Recap 9/16/2015

    We did some workflow showing off. Then we looked at Randy’s site, We had the idea to redesign his site as part of the meetups over the next several months. Stay tuned for a schedule!

  • 6-4 meetup notes

    Targeting April/May 2016 for next #WCBUF Pat wants to learn how to customize her WP Blog. We showed her how to make a sticky post. Ivory wants to back up his site. We tried the duplicator plugin, but it failed because he has huge mp3 files on his site, and his hosting provider doesn’t give…

  • 5-21-15 notes

    Discussed acquiring woocommerce. Scott demo’d a woocomerce site he’s building. Demo’d Gravity Forms/Woocommerce integration. Anne asked if we could ask questions somewhere-either here or We should discuss/integrate a discussion board maybe. Scott’s code for making custom shortcodes that show the last modified date: // ============================================== // SHORTCODE FOR LAST MODIFIED // ============================================== function…