Meeting notes from 11/6/2014

Looked at gravity forms, demo’d making a form and putting it on a site ( Many people are interested in CRM integration, and Gravity forms makes this easier. A thorough presentation on this would be a good draw for more attendees. for batch resizing multiple images is a good resource. irfam is also good […]

Notes from 10-23-14

Dave wanted to customize a custom post type layout. We looked his custom post type code and got it to put classes on the fields that could be controlled using css running only in the admin ala Terry demonstrated using advanced custom fields with custom post types as an alternative to Dave’s process. Scott […]

Meeting notes 8-14

Connie from Buffalo-Niagara Gardening had a small issue with image sizes. In areas where thumbnails should’ve been loading, larger images did. They scaled down correctly, but users were downloading full-size images, only to see them at less than 100px wide. Andy found that this was because a featured image was not chosen on some of […]

Meetup notes 5-22-14

We are blind to ads. Andy pointed out a article that we should all read. Andy started out with an announcement promoting WordCamp. Connie got help with moving images around in the visual editor and events manager on her site: We helped Carol with her website:¬†