Connie from Buffalo-Niagara Gardening had a small issue with image sizes. In areas where thumbnails should’ve been loading, larger images did. They scaled down correctly, but users were downloading full-size images, only to see them at less than 100px wide. Andy found that this was because a featured image was not chosen on some of the articles, so the theme then defaulted to the first image within the article. Using the featured image, the correctly sized images began loading.

Security Discussion

We spent some time duriing the meetup discussing some basic security issues and plugins to alleviate them. First was making sure to not use ‘admin’ as a username on your site. If you did, make a new administrator level user and delete the old user named ‘admin’. Terry mentioned being careful about your nickname, as hackers can target that. We also talked about changing the location of the Login and Admin Panel urls, to help with brute-force login attempts by unwanted bots or people. iThemes Security has a setting for this as well as many other security suggestions and features. We also took a look at the Sucuri Security Free Plugin for some malware checks and hardening.