5/9/2013 Meetup Notes

This Months Designer/Developers Meetup main discussion was based upon someone new to WordPress, and how they can start to understand themes, and how to go about editing or building their own. Ben Dunkle (@empireoflight) gave a demonstration of installing and editing a theme, as well as started to build his own theme from scratch.

In addition to covering how to start building and adjusting WordPress themes, we discussed various other WP related topics.

One question was where to find royalty free stock photos, and some suggestions were thrown out. Flickr, StockEXCHANGE, and MorgueFile were all given as good choices.

Also discussed was how to add a shortcode that could display a Google Adsense Integration script. Andy Staple (@AndyStaple) helped Chuck Camroux with this, and you can take a look at the code for it here. Simply add it to your functions.php file if you’d like to add this shortcode for yourself. Just make sure to adjust the information inside the script to reflect your Google Adsense (or any other advertising publishers) account information.
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