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  • test revisions

    this is a test of revisions version 2

  • Notes

    Looked at making a gallery, discussion about linking a gallery site to an ecommerce site Regenerate thumbnails plugin is awesome Beginner sites:, Find and replace plugin: Securing your site with google authenticator  

  • Notes from the August 16th meetup

    Hi all! Below are notes from our August 16th meetup. Have any suggestions for a future meetup? Leave them in the comments or at our Meetup group! Beginner’s Hour We talked about a variety of subjects in our beginner’s hour, including: How do you find free stock images for blog posts? A few websites that…

  • WordPress 3.2 Released



    If you haven’t yet noticed, WordPress 3.2 has been released. Make sure to upgrade as soon as possible as it will keep your site(s) current and most resistant to exploitation. 3.2 includes many new features, and many behind-the-scenes updates as well.

  • Custom Field Template Post Code

    Here’s a quick code snippet to show your custom field data within the loop in a post. If you’re not familiar with Custom Fields in WordPress, they are a very simple, yet powerful feature of WordPress and the possibilities with them are almost endless. You can create simple text areas like the “mood” bit shown…

  • WordPress Menus – How to enable & use them

    The Addition of the Menu panel in the WordPress admin panel starting in WordPress version 3.0+ is a great addition to WordPress and really helps to solve quite a few problems. Most newer themes have support for Menus via hooks into their templates. However, even templates that don’t have hooks can still use menus. How…

  • Meetup Marketing Brainstorming



    What do you think will help us spread the word about the Buffalo WordPress Meetup. Feel free to throw out any suggestions in the comments.

  • The Post Thumbnail Feature in WP

    The Post Thumbnail Feature in WP

    Post Thumbnails in WordPress are a huge time-saving & flexible feature that have been around since version 2.9 that can save you a ton of headache and editing time when you’d like to display photos in articles. Its most commonly used to add a “featured image” to each post like you see in many blogs.…