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  • Notes from 10-23-14

    Dave wanted to customize a custom post type layout. We looked his custom post type code and got it to put classes on the fields that could be controlled using css running only in the admin ala Terry demonstrated using advanced custom fields with custom post types as an alternative to Dave’s process. Scott…

  • Meeting notes 8-28-2014

    Andy talked about the options framework theme: Looked at the options page addon to Advanced Custom Fields.

  • Meetup notes 5-22-14

    We are blind to ads. Andy pointed out a article that we should all read. Andy started out with an announcement promoting WordCamp. Connie got help with moving images around in the visual editor and events manager on her site: We helped Carol with her website:  

  • Developer/Designer meetup

    Developer/Designer meetup

    Walker class to only show part of a menu-Chris will give code to Jen Responsive code responsive nav -plugin for 1 level of menu nav on responsive smaller than 800px, just serve 1. if larger, generate smaller images and use css/media queries to serve lower res images. sidr javascript menu generator Woothemes: Chris Recommended “canvas”…

  • Notes from 1-16-14 meetup

    Scott brought up a bunch of attacks on his site, mainly the dreaded DDoS/brute force stuff. Scott presented on security plugins, including: “better wp security” has a “hide backend option” that will hide the wp-admin, redirecting the user to a 404. Make sure your .htaccess file is writeable! looked at sucuri scanner wordfence You should…

  • Notes from Thursday, 11-21-13 meetup

    Helped with SEO issues. Suggestions: change the h3 tag on homepage to an h1 tag; eliminate duplicate content by adding a home category and only showing posts of that type on the home page. This will also save lots of time. Learning links:

  • Meetup notes November 7, 2013

    Some links: hosting:  

  • Notes from 10-23-13 meetup

    Andy demo’d SASS/SCSS Ben demo’d writing plugins; Plugin demo yielded this: Andy talked about web fonts

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