Meeting Notes 10-09-2014

Connie asked a question about disabling comments on individual pages. Andy showed us how to do this on a single post and page; and on future posts. Enabling/disabling on a single post or page can be found under the Discussion area. When your post or page does not display a Discussion area, enable it under Screen Options.

Ann Marie asked about FTP/SFTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. SFTP is Secure File Transfer Protocol. Andy showed how to change to a SFTP connection in filezilla. Why SFPT? FTP sends info over the internet without encryption. SFTP is FTP over SSH – basically its an encrypted FTP. A more secure approach to file transfer.

Ann Marie asked about creating a “dev” subdomain. A “dev” subdomain ( creates an area for your development hidden from visitors to your website. We talked about subdomains. Another approach is to use an “Under Construction” plugin to hide your site content during development unless logged in as an administrator. One plugin discussed was Ultimate Under Construction.

We talked about the value of blogging. We talked about using a feature of MailChimp to automatically periodically send out Blog posts to your email list.

Connie shared that she uses The Events Manager calendar and that it has the capability to accept event registrations.

We looked at a security concern and we talked about two security plugins –
Sucuri Scanner, iThemes Security.