Backups Meetup summary

We looked at some backup plugins. Backup to Dropbox looks promising. We also discussed how to get more members to come to the meetings. Surveys may be a good idea.

In two weeks, we’ll hopefully discuss plugin development, with a basic tutorial on writing plugins for WordPress. Stay tuned!


    1. I’ve checked out some of those plugins, but they couldn’t seem to backup everything.

      I’ve been doing WordPress for about four months and I was looking for the best way (and least expensive) to back up my sites. I’ve checked out the WP plugins. Some were OK, but they didn’t really cover everything.

      I did find one that worked great and figured I could share it with the group, if anyone else needs it.

      Check out BlogVault at It’s a solid backup solution. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. It has some cool features.

      BlogVault completely backs up your entire site (DB and root folder) every night. You can also do test restores on their servers to check your restore.

      Also, it is only $9 per month. For me, it was worth it to have peace of mind in case my site was hacked (or I did something stupid – LOL).

      Please check it out for yourself, but I really like it.


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