7/25/11 notes

A couple of points brought up at the beginning of the meeting:

Meredith demos plugin development. She recorded her screen with Screencast-o-matic. She will be posting the screencast on the blog shortly.

Meredith referred to http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plugin when she started the demo.

After the awesome demo, we talked about a variety of topics, from SEO (where Ken gave away the million dollar secret to SEO success; maybe he can post about it here?) to continuing the promotion of the group. I suggested a backup venue for the meetings I can’t make; Makerspace was brought up. I’ll contact Brian Yurko about the possibility of holding meetups there in the future. Also, Aspire Technologies was a suggestion, but the location in Orchard Park makes travel a factor. We looked at Hubspot.com as a good place to grade your website. We discussed topics for the next meeting; maybe something less technical. Ideas:

  • site security
  • development environments