2/16/12 Meetup Notes



During the discussion we went over a few topics that brought up some good information and links. From how to make your WordPress work well with Smart Phones and Tablets, to what event/calendar plugins worked well for specific instances.

WordPress for Mobile

Depending on your needs, there are some plugin options, and of course ways to build or find a theme that has a mobile-friendly layout.

  • WPtouch – a Plugin (free or pro) that creates a very simple Mobile theme for your site
  • Find a Responsive Theme – responsive web design in short, is when a website will change its layout for different screen sizes.

Managing Multiple WordPress Installs

Many people run 2 or more WordPress installations on their server, or just want to keep track of all of their own on other servers and make sure they’re up to date.

  • WP Status Dashboard – seems to have hit end of life at least for now, but suggested by a few of us as a great plugin for a one time fee
  • ManageWP – a feature-rich plugin that works well, but has a monthly price, and can get expensive.